LLC TPC “SAVA” is subsidiary company of Tomsk Production Company “SAVA”. Tomsk Production Company “SAVA” was founded on April 4, 2000, on the basis of “Kuzovlevsky” greenhouse complex.


IMG_7964Company specializes in the production and sales of food products from wild plants of Siberia and Altai Territory. These are wild-growing, garden berries, mushrooms, pine nuts and various medicinal herbs.


The main activities – are mass market food products, functional food products and semi-finished products for industrial production enterprises.



Activity of the new company is directed to the integrated processing of raw berries, including wild. The raw materials are purchased in ecologically clean regions of our country.


Production is carried out on the modern German equipment, purchased by the company in March 2013. This equipment allows to produce high quality juice of direct extraction.


DSC_9363Integrated processing technology of seabuckthorn have been developing by German experts during 8 years and for first time was introduced in our company. New technology has allowed to obtain a concentrate of seabuckthorn oil, quality of which meets to relevant European standards, and partially de-oiled juice of direct extraction. All products are ecologically pure, are produced without the use of chemical reagents.


Products are oriented for B2B market sector

At present, we can offer the following products:

- seabuckthorn oil;

- directed squeezed juice;

- seeds.